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Universe Order Pad

Universe Order Pad
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By:Lisa Brooks

Have you placed your order with the Universe today?
Use the Universe Order Pad to partner with the Universe and create a better life
by putting the Law of Attraction into play. The order pad is a great tool to
organize your thoughts, by writing them down and affirming to the universe what
you want.
You can put in an order daily, to start off your week, and/or as part of a moon
ritual. Simply think of all of your wishes and dreams, then turn them over to the
Universe. Stay open and ready to receive. The Universe is very generous and giving.
The Universe is abundant, there is enough for everyone. The order pad comes complete
with instructions and empowering affirmations.
Each pad contains 30 order forms with carbon-less copies. The top page can be torn
out and released to the Universe.