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Star Keys

Star Keys
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By:Walter Starcke

The Star Keys unlock the doorway into the next 26,000-year cycle we have only just begun. Walter Starcke wrote his latest book with the help of his wife, Eron as he traversed between dimensions of Consciousness. As the veil lifted, time and space eluded him and he was free to cross into the mystical realms so frequently that before his transition, he was able to take his wife, Eron, with him in a near death experience that brought forth the Star Keys. Love was the Energy that brought them both back to share this message that will lead us forward into the Age of The Gods.
With great depth and clarity the Starcke's take us through the mystical experience of going beyond what is known by limited objective thought to a deeper level of true Knowing. The Star Keys illuminate a pathway past old stumbling blocks and limiting thoughts and belief systems that have lead us thus far, but will not take us all the way. Then they give us practical How's To's to apply the Keys to our daily life. The Keys are absolutely necessary to empower us to be able to live in Kingdom Consciousness on Earth without objective limitations. It is now imperative that we shift our priorities from the objective worldview to alignment with and as the Subjective Spiritual Source of All, God.
"The Star Keys reach a depth not often found in today's spiritual literature. These masterful keys open new pathways in consciousness to help us experience the sacred meaning of truth." — John Randolph Price