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Spiritual Liberation (q)

Spiritual Liberation (q)
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By:Michael Bernard Beckwith

Roughly 20 million people in the U.S. identify themselves as spiritual rather than
religious. Spiritual Liberation draws on a wide spectrum of ancient wisdom to create
a profound new belief synthesis that is neither Eastern nor Western, but truly global.
Beckwith’s touching personal accounts guide practitioners to integrate and activate the
intrinsic gifts of divinity into their everyday lives.

Spiritual Liberation is a handbook for spiritual revolutionaries that challenges and
inspires readers to search within themselves for the key to unlocking their future and
to change their lives in amazing ways. Beckwith teaches that inner spiritual work, not
religiosity or dogma, liberates us.

Offering practical wisdom and practices for redefining and revitalizing the foundations
of life, Spiritual Liberation can help individuals and society come to fulfillment and
success. Structured around the key themes of transformation, peace, abundance, and the
habits of highly evolved people, Beckwith’s book will show readers that they are on their
way to an amazing spiritual adventure.