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Soulspace (ENG)

Soulspace (ENG)
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By:Xorin Balbes

Xorin Balbes has been redecorating homes since he was a child, starting with his own room.
It took him longer to realize that part of the process he uses to design a home and make
it reflect the owners tastes and preferences was more about a clients personality and inner
desires, traits that werent always conveyed with complete honesty.
This realization led him to define and practice what he calls SoulSpace transformations,
an 8-stage process of creating your own perfect living space that includes reflection,
releasing, discovering, and celebrating.
This book starts readers on a path of self-discovery, connecting their creative energy
to every object and piece of furniture and, yes, even the walls around them. It is a
continuous journey of evolution, not acquisition. The process works whether you want
to transform a small work area or play area, a wall, one room, a tiny apartment, or an
entire house.
As Xorin points out, the way our homes are organized all too often supports unresolved
issues and relationships that we need to confrontand get rid of for good. By clearing
out and redesigning our living space, by actively reconnecting and realigning with our
surroundings, we are able to grow and evolve instead of remaining stuck and stagnating. Creating space for growth encourages growth.
SOULSPACE will help readers identify how problem areas at home relate to problem areas
in life. This is not a design book. This is not a style book. This is a book for people
who want to consider their real interior design: their hopes and dreams, the emotional
baggage they cant seem to lose, what makes them strong and what holds them back.
Whether their homes are full of Danish modern or Ikea, teak from Thailand or grandmas
favorite credenza: no matter what their personal style, no matter where they live or
what their income, SoulSpace will guide readers through a unique process of self-
discovery, identifying problem areas and helping people to understand and access their
dreams. Through personal stories and clear, practical suggestions, readers will learn
how to decode the messages in the organization of their homes, discover their authentic selves and harness the power to transform their homes and their lives.