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Selves in a Box Cards

Selves in a Box Cards
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By: J Tamar Stone
Selves in a Box is a modern day Tarot deck bringing the idea of archetypes into our daily lives. The concept of Selves has had its place in film and literature for years but has recently assimilated itself into mainstream society.
You know all of those voices in your head always competing for attention? These voices are actually selves, or sub-personalities, that compose the you you think you are. Certain selves are dominant specializing in running our daily lives, while others operate under the radar often craving for attention. The challenge is to dis-identify from our dominant selves and reclaim the parts of us that have been neglected. When selves are out of balance they mask our authentic nature. When in balance, they animate and empower our lives in unique and distinctive ways.
This interactive card deck and cutting-edge model for selves-exploration contains 52 Self-cards, 2 wild cards, and an 144-page guidebook. The deck consists of collaged images of the selves, a detailed portrait for each, and multiple draws and spreads tailored for individuals, couples and groups.
Based in Boulder, Colo., Tamar maintains an international client base consisting of individuals, couples and professionals who are seeking a deeper, more fulfilling sense of self in relation to their inner journey, life work, life purpose, physical body and relationships.