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Seeing with the Eyes of Love

Seeing with the Eyes of Love
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  • Lev. 5-10 dage
  • Varenr: 9780915132874
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By:Eknath Easwaran

This warm, anecdotal book shows us what love is, how to love more effectively and how
to overcome obstacles to loving more fully.
Drawing on his wide experience as a teadher of meditation and his intimate knowledg of
the Christian mystical tradutuib, Easwaran gives exhilarating glimpses of what love
means to Christian mystics like Augustine,Teresa of Avila,Catherine of Genoa, and others.
An eassy by Carol Lee Flinders relates the personal story of Thomas a Kempis and a short
overview of the flowering of mysticism in the late middle Ages.
Included are brief instructions in eight basic spiritual practices that anyone can use
in his or her present context to strengthen the capacity to love.

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