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Popol Vuh (Maya)

Popol Vuh (Maya)
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Victor Montejo
By:Victor Montejo - Ilustrator: Luis Garay

The Mayans have long fascinated modern readers with their complex written language,
sophisticated mathematics, and advanced astronomy.
In Guatemala in 1558, a young Mayan K’iche’ man transcribed what he called a sacred book
that "we can no longer see." This was the Popul Vuh, the Mayans’ written account of the creation of the universe, the gods and demi-gods who occupied that universe, and the story
of how man was created by them. Furthermore, it traced, generation by generation, the
lineage of the Mayan lords down to their imprisonment and torture by the Spanish invaders.
Considered the Mayan bible, the Popol Vuh appears here in an authoritative, gorgeously
illustrated version by noted Maya anthropologist Victor Montejo, who has captured all the
drama and excitement of one of the world’s great creation stories.

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