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Petty Tyrants Facing the Unknown

Petty Tyrants  Facing the Unknown
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By:Laura Knight-Jadczyk

From the myths of romance to the tales of the hero's journey, the quest for knowledge and
being has always been portrayed in terms of struggle. Far from home, the hero faces
obstacles and tests of his or her courage, will and cunning. But how do the labyrinths
and monsters of those 'messages in a bottle' from our remote ancestors relate to our lives
in the 21st century? In an age of mass media, the worldwide web and multinational corporations, how do these archetypal dramas play themselves out?

In these two volumes of her revolutionary series, The Wave or Adventures with Cassiopaea,
Laura Knight-Jadczyk continues her project of laying bare the nature of our reality.
Through her own experiences and interactions over the course of the Cassiopaean Experiment,
many of which just go to show that truth is stranger than fiction, Laura describes the
real-life dynamics only hinted at in myth. Most importantly, she gives the tools and clues
necessary to actually read the symbols of reality: the theological substrate in which our
ordinary psychological motivations are embedded.

With these stunning revelations, Shakespeare's famous words take on a whole new meaning:
"All the world's a stage, and all men and women merely players."