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Numerology for Beginners

Numerology for Beginners
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By:Gerie Bauer

A tool used to discover all of these things would need to be easy and quick to use,
but must also be highly accurate. It would be great, too, if this technique had been
proven through thousands of years of history and practice. Well, such a system does
It is called numerology. This ancient science is based on two simple ideas. The first
idea is that everything is related to numbers. The date when you were born is a number.
The letters in your name can be converted to numbers. The second idea is that these
numbers have meaning. You can learn to use this simple but effective system by following
the easy instructions in Numerology for Beginners. If you have never tried to learn a
system where you can analyze people and predict their actions, this is the ideal place
to start.
Yes, it is easy, but it is also very effective. If you already practice astrology, Tarot
or something similar, numerology is a perfect addition to your skills.