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Mother of Invention (pb)

Mother of Invention (pb)
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Neill Donald Walsch
By:Neale Donald Walsch

A Biography unlike any other, The Mother of ISnvention tells the story of every human
being now on the each...through the telling of the life story of futurist and visionary
Barbara Marx Hubbard.We are all moving through the same process, the book and its subject
declare. It is the process of the birthing of our species.
This biography begin in the future and go backward in Barbara's remarkable 80-years life.
On this Journey, we will witness Barbara as she became one of the first women ever to have
her name placed in normination for the vice presidency of the united stats by a major
political pary, traveled to Russia as a cultural ambassador for peace, visited the Oval Office and asked the President a Question that he could not answer,and developed a deep
acquaintanceship with the American space program.