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Message of A Course in Miracles vol I

Message of A Course in Miracles vol I
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Elizabeth A Cronkhite
It is a self-study course designed to help you undo your conscious and unconscious beliefs that you are separate from God so that you can return to your natural State of Boundless Love, Peace, and Joy. Since then it has become the Holy Book of over a million people worldwide who have experienced a loving transformation to a more peaceful life. But the Course, though beautifully written, is in dense and difficult figurative language that can be hard to understand. It can take many years to pierce through how it says what it says to understand its loving means for returning to an awareness of your Eternal Oneness with God. The Message of A Course in Miracles is a paragraph-by-paragraph translation of the Course into plain, everyday language which brings its loving message to the surface so that you can attain a deeper understanding of it faster. It is for anyone seeking a simple and clear means for attaining lasting inner peace.