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Message of "A Course in Miracles vol I

Message of "A Course in Miracles vol I
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Kenneth Wapnick
By: Kenneth Wapnick

The first book provides students somewhat acquainted with the teachings of A Course in
Miracles with a summary which will help meet their needs for an in-depth presentation
of the Course’s principles, including a discussion of the practical implications of these
principles with regard to religious and spiritual practice, and ethical, moral, and
behavioral issues.
The purpose of Few Choose to Listen, as stated in the Introduction is "to guide students
in how to avoid certain potential mistakes or confusions as they read, study, and
implement into their daily lives the teachings of A Course in Miracles.
Such sidestepping of errors will, it is hoped, be of help in clearing the way for the student to be more accessible to the Holy Spirit’s particular care and guidance.