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Meditative Moon CD

Meditative Moon CD
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Various Artists
Meget velegnet når du enten dyrker yoga eller bare ønsker at ligge og slappe helt af.
Calming yoga music for peace and tranquility.

At the end of your day, when you just want to wind down and relax, throw off the stresses of your day and find a comfortable cozy space, just put this CD on and feel it melt away all pressures you’ve experienced. You will find yourself deeply soothed as the music caresses you into a state of sweet relaxation.
In consultation with yoga teachers, healers and musicians, Spirit Voyage selected the most relaxing and meditative pieces from Mirabai Ceiba, Snatam Kaur, Dave Stringer, Thomas Barquee, Amrit Kirtan, Sat Kartar, GuruGanesha Singh and Manish Vyas.
1.Guru Ram Das            12.54
2.Ek Ong Kar                    8.40
3. Gunghata                      6.27
4. Om Namo Bhagavata   6.43
5.Wah Yantee                 11.04
6.Ma                                 10.43
7.Tumi Bhaja Re Mana      8.07
8.Jap Man                          7.57
total : 72.35