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Mayan Code

Mayan Code
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Barbara Hand Clow
By:Barbara Hand Clow

Bestselling author Barbara Hand Clow shows how the Mayan Calendar is a bridge to galactic
wisdom that fosters personal growth and human evolution - Unearths the meaning behind the
calendar, its message for modern civilization, and what will happen when the calendar ends
- Reveals how time acceleration is a manifestation of the acceleration of consciousness.
By the author of The Pleiadian Agenda Many researchers have investigated the science of
time cycles by using the Mayan Calendar, which tracks the 5,125-year Long Count ending in
the year 2012.
History shows that civilizations suddenly appeared around 3115 B.C. in Egypt, India, and
Sumer that used calendars based on systems similar to the Mayan Calendar, reflecting what
was once a universal and sacred understanding of time. In The Mayan Code, Barbara Hand
Clow draws on the work of biologist Carl Johan Calleman and many other New Paradigm
researchers to unearth the deeper meaning behind the calendar and its message for modern
civilization, especially during its final five years.
As we approach the end of the Mayan Calendar, time and consciousness are accelerating.
Working with Calleman’s time-acceleration theory, Barbara Hand Clow shows how the cycles
of time marked by the calendar match important periods in the evolutionary data banks of
Earth and the Milky Way Galaxy and that the calendar describes the evolutionary stage to
come. She explores how our own personal healing is the most important factor as we prepare
to make this critical leap in human evolution - now referred to as the awakening of the World Mind.

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