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Living in the Light

Living in the Light
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By:Shakti Gawain

In Living in the Light, Shakti Gawain introduced to millions of readers a powerful new
way of lifeone where we embrace and develop the full range of our inner qualities, from
our intuitive wisdom to our rationality, our power to our vulnerability, our peaceful
caregiver to our inner warrior. By focusing the light of our awareness on all of the
many aspects of who we are, including what we have feared and rejected, we can find far
more power and balance in our lives, make more conscious choices, and expand beyond our
old patterns and expectations.
Each chapter covers a different aspect of conscious living, and together they form a
comprehensive map to growth in all areas, from relationships to money, from emotions to
health. Visualizations, meditations, and exercises help readers turn new ideas into real
experiences or deepen the experiences they’re already familiar with.