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Laya Project CD (2CD)

Laya Project CD (2CD)
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  • Varenr: 9786890760873
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While based on regional folk music traditions, the Laya PProject mixes and enhances the original
recordings, crossing boundariws of genre while still preserving the music of the people.
Some of these performances are unique and have been documented for the first time in this production.
Music is from Sri Lanka, Maldives, Myanmar, Indonesia and India.
1 cd:
1. Glorious Sun remix (Myanmar)
2. Muliya
3. A new day
4. Hai La Sa
5. Ya Allah (India)
6. Tapatam
7. Farihi (Maldives)
8. Touare (Maldives)
9. Water side (Thailand)
Cd 2
1. Glorious Sun (Myanmar)
2. Sunrise in Injumbakkam
3. Rain Buddha
4. PremJam (Thailand)
5. Poothai (Thailand)
6. Sunset in Akkarai
7. Nium Nium (indonesia)
8. KataluTalu
9. Going to Seville (India) 
10. Music
11. Laya Mantra