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By:Frances Sakoian

The inconjunct, which is also called the quincunx, is commonly referred to as a minor
aspect. However, Frances Sakoian and Louis Acker present information in support of their
viewpoint that the incojunct is a not so minor; aspect.
Associated with Mercury and the sixth house, and Mars, Pluto, and the eighth house, the
inconjunct acts as a lens or focusing device between the spiritual will and the desire
Difficult situations are often a direct product of undisciplined thinking, which is the
essence of the inconjunct. Undisciplined thoughts lead to situations in which people see
themselves as victims of conditions over which they have no control. Disciplined thoughts,
however, lead to positive manifestation.
In this book, the authors delineate the natal and transiting aspects of the inconjunct,
with a chapter devoted to each planet. Also included is introductory material about the
meanings of the natal and transiting inconjunct.