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I'd Change My Life If I Had More Time

I\'d Change My Life If I Had More Time
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  • Varenr: 9781561703210
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By:Doreen Virtue
This is a practical guide to making dreams come true. Learn how to change your life for the positive with this inspiring work from Doreen Virtue.
A reader wrote:
It was a wonderful experience reading this book. It was somewhat similar to self-help books yet at the same time a bit different. It showed you how to find practical ways to accomplish your goals. It was not one of those books that says you have all of the time there is in each day broken down into hours and minutes. The author was someone you could relate to in everyday life. She had a hectic schedule and was realistic in how she shows you to use small chunks of your time to get things done even when you have a hectic lifestyle. I just finished this book and I have noticed a greater sense of fulfillment and accomplishment already in my life. This book was a book I will definitely read again and again. I am now looking for more books to read written buy this author. You will get more than your money's worth when you purchase this practical and inspiring book.

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