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How to Interpret Dreams Signs

How to Interpret Dreams  Signs
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By:Kaya Muller

KAYA is considered to be one of the greatest specialists of our time in the understanding
and teaching of how to interpret dreams & signs.
He is a Bestselling Author and International Speaker and his approach & journey are truly
uniqueHe explains, my questioning was so intense that I could have gone crazy. For years,
in a life of solitude, I studied the symbols from every angle, like a mathematician trying
to decode an enigma.
But the real enigma was me I had to understand my fears, my joys, and my weaknesses that
were appearing in the form of symbols, both in my dreams and in my daily life. I found one
of the first keys the day I told myself, If everything I see and know can appear in my
dreams, then the physical and metaphysical worlds share the same symbols. There was a code
now, I know the code This book is a collection of 11 workshops given in various countries.