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Enlightenment Is not What You Think

Enlightenment Is not What You Think
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By:Wayne Liquorman

Enlightenment is not what you think but rather the ultimate, unimaginable dissolution into all that IS.
Finally, a book has come along that may help to dispel some of the more persistent myths surrounding Enlightenment and Enlightened people! With his typical good humor, Wayne shines a bright, clear light on the subject, helping us to understand not only what Enlightenment isn’t but encouraging us to realize directly and intuitively the Truth of Enlightenment itself.
This is an important book. With Grace, it could be the last one in your spiritual library.
"Wayne’s teaching is part of the alluring and enduring tradition of spiritual enquiry in which the question is always more important than the answer, and in which the love and immeasurable patience of the teacher are what heal the wounds of the seeker." - John Strydom, Clinical Psychologist