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Edgar Speaks

Edgar Speaks
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Bente Hansen
By:Bente Hansen

We live in a time of dynamic shifts and earth changes. Ancient visionaries have
predicted that we stand on the edge of a New Era. Before we can move forward and
create the New Era, we must let go of old thoughts, patterns, habits and beliefs
that no longer serve us. This process of 'shifting' leaves many of us feeling lost,
confused and even frightened. Edgar Speaks gives us the knowledge we need to empower
us to gracefully navigate our way through this rapidly changing time.

Edgar Speaks contains a collection of channeled messages through Rev. Bente Hansen
that explain the energetic shifts impacting all of us. It provides the information
we need to manage our own shifting energies. Edgar Speaks reveals strategies to help
us create powerful personal transformation in our own lives so that we can begin to
support each other in changing the world.

If you are seeking an empowered way to navigate through these changing times Edgar
Speaks is an invaluable resource to help you on your journey of transformation.