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Destiny of the Nations

Destiny of the Nations
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World problems are increasing in complexity as the population of the world increases,
and as nations become inter-related and interdependent. It is important for the future of
mankind that we understand and cooperate with the spiritual laws and forces at work within
the interwoven structure of civilisation, so that the individual part-human and national-
can be rightly related to the evolving whole.
A nation is subject, as a man is, to the impact of energies emanating from solar and
cosmic sources. These energies influence the nation as a whole through the "mechanism of
response" equivalent to the Monad-soul-personality constitution of a man. Different nations
are more receptive to some energies than to others;
and all nations, subject to the evolution of national consciousness. Have a destiny before
them which is literally based on the qualities and the principles of the particular ray
energy seeking expression through the national soul.
ln this book the ray energies affecting certain nations, world groupings and major cities
are analysed in relation to meaning and purpose, and to the emergence of ideas appropriate
to energy influences dominant at the end and at the beginning of an age.

We are given a glimpse in this book of the beauty of energy synthesis when all component
parts work together according to their own ray combination and to ~the glory of the One".