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Daetrix Lifecycle Handbook

Daetrix Lifecycle Handbook
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By:Terrence A Glassman

DAETRIX LifeCycle HandbookPractical: easy to use, concise, scientific guide to personal
Revealing: exposes the profound relationship between human development & the Earth’s transit through
the cosmos.
Innovative: a (r)evolutionary new model of human development.
Personal: reveals your unique 28 year LifeCycle Pattern & explains your individual positive
growth process.
Inspiring: reveals the emergence of global consciousness.
Empowering: a practical tool for re-patterning your life.
Transformational: learn to release fear & "live in possibility."

Beautifully designed, bursting with brilliant discoveries, INsights & colorful

A practical, scientific, easy to use guide that helps you discover & understand your
personal LifeCycle Pattern. Reveals your positive growth process & significant patterns
in your life. The first model of human development combining the cycles of Spaceship
Earth, stages of human development, and patterns of time. Invisioning & reframing your
life in the larger context of the Universe is empowering, comforting & Inspiring.