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Coming Full Circle

Coming Full Circle
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By:Lynn Andrews

"In this book . . . I have the great honor of introducing you to a number of women about whom I have not previously written, as well as sharing with you additional stories with several of them. Each new story . .is accompanied by an article that grows out of our experiences in the modern world, yours and mine, and how the teachings these women have gifted to us can be applied to help us move into harmony and a state of grace with the
world around us. Both the stories and the articles are designed to make the wisdom of the Sisterhood of the Shields more accessible in our daily lives."

Lynn Andrews has gathered stories from the most profound teachings she has received over the years from the women of the Sisterhood of the Shield, members of an ancient shamanic society deeply embedded in native cultures and traditions all over the world. These shamanic, philosophical, and inspirational teachings of wisdom are now condensed into one very important book. Her unique and eloquent narrative style reveals and explains how the application of ancient healing techniques can relate to the modern world. She has studied with women and masters of power from around the world, from Tibet, Nepal, Australia, and South America. She has been empowering people throughout the world for over thirty years, interweaving teachings into aspects of universal truths.

Coming Full Circle with Lynn reminds us that there is no beginning and no end to the circle of life. In this time of great fear and confusion in the world, she shows how her teachers have led her—and by extension all of us—to confront her deepest fears and accept without hesitation that there is a spiritual solution to every one of life's problems.