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Bliss Experiment

Bliss Experiment
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  • Varenr: 9781451642117
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By:Sean Meshorer

A cross between The Power of Now and The Happiness Project, The Bliss Experiment reveals
how to tap into the innate state of inner joy that resides in all of us:
The state of bliss.
We all have the capacity for bliss—no matter our age, background, ethnicity, gender, or religion. External circumstances, whether positive or negative, happy or sad, do not affect it. Bliss is constant, undisturbed by outward gain or loss. In The Bliss Experiment, Sean Meshorer shows readers how we can all be happy, have meaningful lives, and reach eternal truth. After reading this book, readers will view life through a new lens. In fact, Sean is living proof of the effectiveness of his techniques. A sufferer of severe and chronic pain, he is able to live his life to the fullest through the practices he shares in The Bliss Experiment.