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Astrology and Aptitude

Astrology and Aptitude
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By:Kim Falconer

This book is a guide to one’s natural talents, aptitudes and potential. Explore
abilities related to the planets, signs and houses:
* discover over 30 minor asteroids linked to career and creativity
* follow practical delineations and chart examples
learn about talents hidden in the fixed stars, Vertex and Aries Point
* become the person you are most capable of being.
Focusing on the symbolic meaning of the signs, houses, planetary aspects and
transits, this book describes ways to identify and boost the natural modes of
Included are delineations of asteroid gods and goddesses, fixed stars, Arabic
parts, midpoints and Lunar Nodes. Also included is a reference guide to vocational rulerships and a comprehensive index. A must-read for everyone serious about becoming everything they can possibly be, and supporting others to do the same.