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Answered Prayers (pb)

Answered Prayers (pb)
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By:Julia Cameron

The prolific writer and well-known creativity guru best known for her Artist’s
Way method of developing creativity pens another prayer book for the spiritual
-but-not-religious group. Although prayer is often understood as words spoken
to God, these 250-word meditations are words from the divine, addressed to one
who is praying. They offer reassurance to a soul experiencing anxiety, fear,
loss, confusion, doubt, loneliness and the gamut of emotions. Addressed to the
prayer, they provide a sense of being acknowledged by the divine - hence the
book’s title.
The prayers are deliberately short and also, as the author acknowledges, repeti-
tive, psalm-like in their brevity, plainness and fervor. The language echoes some
of the most resonant and abiding promises of time-honored religion as well, at
times, of the 12-step self-help program and its promises.