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Advancing the Witches' Craft

Advancing the Witches\' Craft
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Marcus Griffin
By:Marcus Griffin

What would you do if one of the most powerful magical forces imaginable were within your grasp? There is an entity that exists on the spirit plane that, in its purist form, is an astral projection of your magical self. And the only boundary it knows is you. This unknown entity is your shadow spirit, your "other". Through as series of exercises, guided meditations and realignment, you will discover how to contact and join with this entity to obtain a flow of magical power and balance you never thought possible. Advancing the Witches' Craft delves deeply into this greatly untapped resource of power that has always been available to every Witch.

Advancing the Witches' Craft combines the elements of mystery, adventure, and advanced teachings in Witchcraft, all presented in an intimate and challenging fashion. It is a unique teaching tool that takes you into uncharted territory in an intense, yet fun and exciting way. The greatest magical guide imaginable is out there right now, waiting for contact. And it is you.

"In this remarkable work, Marcus F. Griffin takes the already-trained reader through the looking glass and into the Realms of Shadow in a series of astral pathworking journey's brilliantly designed to commune and work with your 'other' self." - Oberon Zell-Ravenheart