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144 Doors of the Zodiac

144 Doors of the Zodiac
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Thyrza Escobar
By:Thyrza Escobar

The use of dwads is amazingly effective in chart interpretation, providing the specifics
and particulars that are otherwise out of reach. These divisions of the zodiac provide
subtle but powerful details that enable a fine-tuning of the chart and interpretation of
the most insightful aspects of personality.

Author Thyrza Escobar takes this one step further as she discusses and explains the Faces
of the signs, the positive and negative areas of the zodiac and the decans, while
incorporating what she learned from well-known German astrologer Carl Leipert.

The most important and insightful sections of The 144 Doors of the Zodiac, however, are
those that focus on the 144 duodenary divisions of the zodiac, which reveal a zodiac
within each sign, and the dwad-houses, a technique that gives fresh meaning to each of the houses.
The book includes a section devoted to each sign, with details about the dwad-sign and
dwad-house, including quality, element, sub-ruler, and the correspondence of each house
for that particular sign to element, quality, and planet. Dwad-houses and dwad-signs
within each sign are also explained in terms of their influence in personal interests,
achievements, relationships, feelings, actions, emotions, and thinking, all of which can
add new depth to chart interpretation.
Also included is information regarding interpretation of the number of planets in a dwad-house. The author provides similar information about the planets in the dwad-signs and specific aspects.